Facelifts, boob jobs and zombies Dec 18, 2019 Belgium 96 دقیقه R
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Yummy is an orgy of blood, violence and fun in which a young couple travel to a shabby Eastern European hospital for plastic surgery. The young woman wants a breast reduction. Her mother comes along for yet another face-lift. Wandering through an abandoned ward the boyfriend stumbles upon a young woman, gagged and strapped to an operating table; she is the result of an experimental rejuvenation treatment. He frees her, but does not realize he just caused the outbreak of a virus that will change doctors, patients and his mother-in-law into bloodthirsty zombies.

عنوان اصلی Yummy
امتیاز IMDb 6.1 669 رأی
امتیاز TMDB 5.6 رأی


Lars Damoiseaux


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