The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer

Dec 23, 1964 94 دقیقه
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Fairly typical Italian “light” fare from the 1960’s, this tale mixes comedy and light sexual farce with some success. The serious and somewhat slow Police Inspector and his bumbling assistant investigate reports of “strange goings-on” in a rural community. A flying saucer with more bells & whistles than Rube Goldberg ever dreamed of dispenses comely female aliens, dressed (barely) in silver “bathing suits” with strategically-placed bubbles who wander about — mixing in with a “Mardi Gras”, and are chased by giddy males to no avail. The highlight of this film is the music, which is haunting. The true shame is that this film is not available on VHS or DVD, and that the soundtrack is not to be found. This film used to be a staple of “late night” “fill-the-time” movie features at local television affiliates.

The Flying Saucer
عنوان اصلی Il disco volante
امتیاز TMDB 4.7 رأی


Tinto Brass


Alberto Sordi isVincenzo Berruti / Marsicano / Don Giuseppe / Conte Momi Crosara
Vincenzo Berruti / Marsicano / Don Giuseppe / Conte Momi Crosara
Guido Celano isfratellastro di Vittoria
fratellastro di Vittoria
Liana Del Balzo isla madre di Dolores
la madre di Dolores
Albino Principe isIl vescovo
Il vescovo
Lars Bloch isUn fisico
Un fisico
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