The Damned

The Damned

Every Body Has a Secret. Oct 17, 2013 87 دقیقه
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After suffering the recent loss of his wife, David Reynolds decides to take his family on a cathartic trip to her home village in Columbia. While en route, they get into a car accident and seek refuge in a secluded inn. While there they find a mysterious young girl, Ana Maria, locked up with cryptic symbols painted on the walls of her cell. Shocked by the treatment of her caretaker, the family sets Ana free only to realize that she is possessed by an evil spirit from centuries past. What’s worse, the spirit can jump from person to person, creating a deadly dynamic amongst the once loving family. Now, David must figure out a way to lock the spirit up for good before it destroys him and his family.

The Damned
The Damned
The Damned
عنوان اصلی The Damned
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Víctor García


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