Devil’s Diary

Devil’s Diary

Sep 22, 2007 90 دقیقه
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When two friends, Dominique and Ursula, uncover an ancient book in a graveyard one night, they discover that the book has the supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it. In a series of escalating acts of vengeance, Ursula harms anyone who opposes her. Dominique realizes that the book fills all who possess it with the feeling of ultimate power. Seeking help from Father Mark Mulligan, a priest, and other people she knows, Dominique tries to destroy the book and save Ursula before it’s too late. Unfortunately, cheerleaders Heather and Georgia find out about the book’s powers as well, and plan to use it against Ursula and Dominique. The book keeps going to the person who wants it for wicked things. Eventually she manages to destroy it… or at least she thinks she does. In the last scene, someone else finds the book and the hellish cycle begins anew.

Devil’s Diary
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Farhad Mann


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