Children of the Beehive

Children of the Beehive

Aug 24, 1948 86 دقیقه
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The movie focuses on the plight of ten war orphans hailing from different cities across Japan. With nowhere to go, they scavenge around train stations, scratching out an existence by means of black market work for a one-legged tramp whilst avoiding being picked up by the police for vagrancy. Soon however, they find a more inspiring role model in the figure of a nameless soldier just repatriated after the war. An orphan himself, the soldier also has no home to return to, and so sets out across the country with the kids in tow in search of work before settling on the goal of leading them to the orphanage where he himself grew up.

عنوان اصلی 蜂の巣の子供たち
امتیاز TMDB 6.4 رأی


Hiroshi Shimizu


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